Terra, which translates to Mother Earth, believes in soil being the foundation of life. The organic inputs and technology used by Terra aim to supplement the natural development by accelerating regenerative property of the soil. At a time where most new inputs designed result in stripping the soil of its vitality, our products aim at making soil self sufficient, thriving with agricultural possibilities. We are constantly working towards finding a sustainable solution to the ever increasing dependance of soil on to chemical fertilisers, which directly results to decreased soil and human health and climate change.

The company is focused on the three direct and most foundational inputs of farming, ie seeds , fertilisers and pesticides. Along with ensuring that our products are 100% Organic , we  focus on making them farmer friendly in application. Besides easy application, we ensure that our products are price competitive in the market, even if it is at the cost of lower profits for us.  Terra  hand holds the farmers in their journey of transition from chemical to organic agriculture by conducting regular field visits, farm meetings and training sessions for our field representatives. This is to ascertain increase in farm income by providing avenues to sale to the farmers  and by sharing essential resource and knowledge base with all the concerned stake holders. This wholistic approach of Terra makes it a win-win solution for Terra and all the stakeholders in the process of agriculture, which is pretty much the entire 7 million residing on our mother Earth ! 

What is this Initiative about ?

Terra Agro biotech Pvt limited is a quality focussed company aimed at providing inputs which are healthy for soil and ensure high yield agriculture produce. Keeping an overall perspective of quality , economic growth and systems in place , the company has earned a reputation for itself in a small period of 8years of its existence. It is the the unique combination of benefits provided by the company that has lead to growth not only in terms of numbers but also in terms of geographical expanse of operations. The company now stands proud in states of Himachal Pradesh , Punjab,  Delhi and NCR, Uttar Pradesh , Rajasthan, Gujarat and Madhya Pradesh .  Terra agro aims provide organic and biological – cost effective substitutes to chemical  and inorganic farm inputs like UREA, DAP and MOP and GMO seeds. These inputs not only improve soil health but also produce higher yields thereby making it a profitable option for farmers. The regenerative capacity of soil is enhanced by improving most essential yet most ignored substances like carbon, oxygen and water which are provided by Terra Inputs. Along with fertilizers, we work on improving the native breeds of seeds essentially open pollinated seeds, which share a symbiotic design with the natural environment which is provided under the brand name of DHARAM.