Biocert is our unique flagship product that aims at reducing the dependence of soil on Chemical Urea. Biocert is available in two forms :

• Biocert liquid 

• Biocert Granules

What is the need for Biocert in the current agricultural scenario

Constant decline in soil fertility status, mainly due to nutrient removal by intensive cropping systems in amounts far-exceeding their replenishment through fertilisers and manures during past few decades, is considered one of the serious second-generation problems of Green Revolution. 

Urea, being most common N fertiliser, is indiscriminately used irrespective of scientific prescriptions.  Excessive use of urea leads to several adverse implications on soil, crop quality and overall ecosystem.

Soils with indiscriminate use of Urea become addicted to Nitrogen and require more fertilisers over time to produce optimum yields. Moreover, Nitrogen applied in excess of crop demand is lost through volatilisation, denitrification and leaching.

Excessive use of Urea encourages climate change (when lost through denitrification) and groundwater pollution (when lost through leaching).  Increase in nitrate content of groundwater is potentially harmful, as it is used for drinking purposes in most of the rural areas. In addition to this, Urea application beyond recommended rates enhances crop succulence, thus making the plants prone to disease and pest infestation, and to lodging. Unbalanced use of urea decreases N use efficiency, thus leads to an increase in the cost of production and lowering of net profits.

Composition of Biocert 

Biocert is unique nitrogen based products which are derived from natural sources. Biocert is a distinctive combination of 16 Amino Acids and microelements which makes it very beneficial for the plants. It has over 5% of nitrogen from Amino acids, along with organic Carbon which is very conducive for nitrogen absorption. Along with nitrogen, it has macro elements such as phosphorus and potash. Moreover, it is abundant in the bacterial mix like Rhizobium, Phosphorus soluble bacteria, potash soluble bacteria derived by substances like sea cod and amino acids. The micro and macro elements are made more of bioavailable by a fermentation-a process where the naturally derived bacteria helps break down the complex structure into Smaller units, thereby increasing their bioavailability.

Benefits of using Biocert 

• Increases the crop yield by increasing the flowering and fruiting. 

• Can replace urea up to 50% in its first application. 

• Increases the shape, size and taste of fruits. 

• Makes crops more pest and drought resistant. 

• It can be used for any variety of crop, fruits or vegetables.

• Improves overall ecological environment and reduces the cost incurred by the farmers.